Hey Girl In The Mirror - I Love You More Today Than I Did Yesterday

Oh hey, girl in the mirror. I am learning to love you more & more each day❤️ For the longest time I never thought I would see anything I liked when I looked at you.

Like back in college when you decided to eat only canned green beans for a week because you weren’t skinny enough? •
Or how about that time your high school boyfriend told you that you should wash your face more & maybe you wouldn’t have so many zits?

Or even more recently when you seriously considered never smiling big again because who would want to look at those gums?!

Well sister, it seems we all go through those thoughts. Some get through it quickly & for others it takes a little longer. But I do know one thing... when I finally realized the opinions of this world did not define me, I began to break free from the chains of outward appearance.

Of course I still have days where I just can’t fathom going without makeup or putting on a two pieces, but let me tell you sister, those are much more few & far between.

So hang in there girl, it will absolutely get better. You will learn to love that reflection (most days), especially once you realize it will NEVER define your worth. The Creator of the universe made you just the way you are & if that’s good enough for Him, then by golly, who the heck else matters 🤷🏼‍♀️
xoxo, Mel

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