What on earth does ARRIVE Market even mean?

You know sister, I get asked all the time what the meaning behind the Market's name is & honestly, I haven't ever had a great answer until yesterday.  The name originated as an offshoot of a podcast that never quite made it to the airwaves, called Arrive Together.  The thought behind the podcast title was that we are all women on a journey to arrive somewhere & wouldn't it be great if we could lock arms and arrive wherever that may be together.

So the name Arrive Market just kind of stuck, even after the podcast was put on hold.  I honestly love the feeling I get when I hear the word ARRIVE & Arrive Market just sounds like a place where I would want to hang with my friends.  It certainly has a positive ring to it & definitely gives a feeling of purpose and adventure - both of which resonate with me.

But it wasn't until a dear friend sent me a podcast episode a couple of days ago that she believed I needed to hear.  She made a point to tell me that while she had no idea why I needed to hear it, she felt called to share it with me.  The podcast is called The Remedy with Tova Sido & her guest that day was Jennie Allen, a woman who is all about discipleship, helping other women figure out their gifts & their passions and deciphering what God may be calling them to do.

And as I am listening, anxiously awaiting God to smack me upside the face with some profound knowledge or plan for my life, the word ARRIVE kept coming up.  Now I don't know about you sister, but ARRIVE isn't a word I used all that much before the Market, so when I heard it used multiple times in the span of a few minutes, I had to take notice.

Tova asked Jennie how she responds to women who want to make big change in this world but feel they don't have the platform or following necessary to do so?  Or who are desperately wanting to shine God's light for millions to see, but just feel like they will never get there?  They basically feel like they will never ARRIVE to the point that Jennie is at with hundreds of thousands of followers & big, shiny conferences, so making "real" impact just won't be a part of their story.

And I loved what she said y'all... to any woman wondering about this very question "when will I finally ARRIVE or will I ever ARRIVE?" her answer went something like this (here's how I would sum it up anyway):


YOU have already arrived.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be in this very moment.  The Creator of the universe, the One who has already written your amazing, beautiful story put YOU in this exact time & place to be a light for whoever is right in front of you - at the grocery, in your school, at your home.  You ARRIVE every day to the place you live, to the place you work & there are always opportunities to spread love, joy & hope right in that spot.  So stop worrying about arriving & just know in your story, you have already ARRIVED.  


So, Arrive Market just took on a whole new meaning & a whole new life.  We've ARRIVED peeps.  We may not have a brick + mortar, heck we may not even have an office that holds more than 3 people, but WE are here as a fam right where we should be, working to spread love & hope both in Bloomington & around the world through shopping ❤

Thank you for choosing to arrive alongside me sister & I can't wait to see where we ARRIVE to in the coming months! 



PS If you want to listen to this super epic, seriously impactful episode from Tova & Jennie, just click HERE!

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