Why are we so down with ETHICAL FASHION here at Arrive Market?

Why are we so down with ETHICAL FASHION here at Arrive Market???

Honestly, my journey with ethical fashion only began a little over six months ago, so I am a total newbie. My first career was as a pharmacist & then I left that career to start my own business and quickly became involved in some seriously FAST fashion.

I had absolutely no idea that what I was involved in was not only harming the earth, but was also harming people, & not to mention was completely misaligned with the values I held dear. The way I ran my previous clothing business was only propagating consumption & supporting the horrific practices of the fast fashion industry - Little to no pay for female workers, extremely unsafe & often deadly working environments, forced labor & so on.
.Imperfect Courage Jessica Honegger
Then I very serendipitously joined a beautiful little company called @noondaycollection after I fell in love with the founder, @jessicahonegger ‘s book, Imperfect Courage. This was a woman after my own heart... a woman who had figured out how to take her God given gifts & passions and use them in a way to be of service to others in order to reflect God’s love for all to see❤️

While with Noonday I learned what fair trade meant & how people, especially women, were being exploited all over the world for the sake of FAST, CHEAP fashion. And I decided I could no longer allow myself to continue being a champion for God’s goodness, while at the same time feeding into such a horrific industry.
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So, my journey to create a fun & easy way to shop ETHICALLY was born. I knew if I could begin to educate women about the real story of where their cheap clothing came from & at the same time make it fun & easy for them to shop, we could collectively do a whole lotta good❤️. So Arrive Market & it’s mission of shopping with purpose was born.
Thank you sister, for taking the time to read about our journey to ethical fashion & for wanting to learn more!  We appreciate YOU & know you will make a huge positive impact on this world!!

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