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Gemstone Pop Socket PREORDER

Gemstone Pop Socket PREORDER


Black Agate
Ocean Jasper
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Pre order your pop socket ASAP! Ships 4/20! 

Bling up your phone with a one of a kind gemstone Pop-Socket. Attach to the back of your phone to make holding it easier!

Choose from a gorgeous ocean jasper or black agate pop! They add the perfect flair to your mobile life! 

Shapes and colors will vary on both ocean jasper and black agate 


Béljoy is a distinct line of handcrafted jewelry produced in Haiti + the US by local artisans. Béljoy offers men + women in Haiti the opportunity to earn a dignified and consistent wage through the art of jewelry making. By teaching this trade and paying a superior wage, we hope to encourage women and empower them to provide for their families.