Arrive Market is about so much more than shopping.  We want you to leave here not just with pretty things, but empowered to own your influence & change the world.


 Arrive Market Manifesto


After leaving my cushy & safe career as a pharmacist in 2016 to follow my passion & go out on my own, I dove head first into the world of retail.  I have spent the last couple of years getting to know the clothing world & learning through trial by fire, but was ultimately still working for someone else.



Arrive Mel



In 2018 I knew I was ready to go it alone & open my own shop, but I also felt called to serve others & make a difference because of all that I have been given.  


One way I aim to do this is through Arrive Market & the artisans and organizations it supports.


So thank you for stopping by, owning your influence & for choosing to shop with purpose.



Here's to always arriving together,