Remnant Fabric Journal - Rapha House

Remnant Fabric Journal - Rapha House

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Each journal is made with leftover fabric scraps to minimize waste, and the covers can be reused once the pages are full! Here at Rapha House, we are constantly coming up with new ways to be more sustainable in our production methods, because it's important to be kind to people AND the planet.

*Color selections cannot be made on this item.

Made in Cambodia
Assorted fabrics w/black cotton trim
Bookmark ribbon
5 ½” x ½” x 7 ½”


Rapha House aims to provide those sewing for us with the skills and opportunities necessary for sustainable freedom. It is very common for those who have been rescued from trafficking to return to an exploitative lifestyle because they have no other options. At Rapha House, that number is significantly reduced. Not only do our girls learn important skills to provide for their futures, but we instill confidence and teach them of their value.

Every purchase you make is an investment in freedom. All workers are paid fairly by the piece and receive payment up front when they turn in the items they created. At Rapha House, 100% of the money from your purchase goes directly back to helping our programs operate. These funds are used to purchase things like fabric, notions, machines, and other tools as well as pay for labor, shipping, and traveling costs within the merchandise program. On top of supporting the young women who made them, the items you purchase are a way for you to raise awareness for Rapha House and the work we are doing to combat child slavery and sexual exploitation.