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Vintage Rose Leather Earrings

Vintage Rose Leather Earrings


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Bring on the instant glow. A muted, subtle rose pink like this goes with everything, just as rosy cheeks do. The vintage leather gives this leather and earthy feel while still remaining sweet and pretty.

Vintage, slightly distressed front with a subtle sheen. The back of the earring is a muted rose color.

Leather Type: Lightweight/Flexible

Available in 3 sizes: 

Small (2" tall), Medium (2.5" tall) & Surf (2.5" tall).

Measurements include the leather piece only.

Handcrafted in Laguna Beach California, Aha Crafted leather earrings are made from the finest leathers, metals and semi-precious gemstones. Sterling Silver and 14 Karat gold filled are jewelers metals that are safe for people with sensitive skin. They will not peel or flake and can be polished back to look like new if they tarnish.